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8 Important Social Media Platforms for Improving Your Dental Platforms

by Cesar Larrainza | Digital Marketing Mar 22 2017 0 comments

One of the great challenges your dental business will face is choosing the best social media platforms for your digital campaign. It’s no gainsaying that the internet has become extremely interactive. And digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels. A report has shown that about 7 in 10 Americans use social media to connect and share information with others and entertain themselves.

It is therefore essential for your dental practice to use social media to share relevant information and attract patients. If you are a dentist who relies on old methods such as print advertising, you may be reluctant to embrace these new trends. However, you need to face the reality: Social media has overtaken print media. If you want your dental practice to be successful, you need to build an online presence on social media platforms. This is because social media will provide your dental practice with the needed marketing opportunity, among other benefits. Without further ado, here is a list of 8 important social media platforms for improving your dental practice.

1. Facebook

Facebook is unarguably the first choice for digital marketing. With over 190 million active users in the US, there’s no doubt that most of your patients are on Facebook. Starting a business page on Facebook for your dental practice is free. And you get to reach out to millions of people across the globe. This will not only help you reduce your marketing expenses but also assist you build online relationships which are beneficial to your dental practice. With your Facebook account linked to your website, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase your search engine visibility.

2. Google+

This is an easy and quick way to market your dental business to prospective clients.

A great percentage of internet users search online to get information about health professionals. One strategy you can use to make your dental practice stand out on the internet is to get on Google+. Sharing content on Google+ makes it easier for your patients to find you. This is simply because content shared on Google+ is favored in searches made using Google’s search engine

3. LinkedIn

Another important social media platform for your dental practice is LinkedIn. This social media platform can help you to establish yourself as an authority in dental practice. Since your LinkedIn community will be made up of professionals like you, make your dental practice stand out by creating content that relates directly to the work you and your team do every day. You can also network with other medical professionals, follow hospitals and other top referral sources. These relationships will no doubt add value to your dental practice in the long run.

4. Twitter

As a digital marketing tool, Twitter can be of great benefit to your dental practice. According to a report by social media today, Twitter now has 100million daily active users and 231.7 million monthly active users. You can become a force to reckon with in dental practice by tweeting about your dental care related information.  As such, your followers will see you as a source of knowledge and expertise in dental care. Doing this will in fact help you promote your dental practice remarkably.

Twitter Bird

5. Instagram

Instagram is a great way to get in front of hundreds or thousands of potential patients who like pictures and infographics. With Instagram, you can show your personal side, capture the behind the scene images of your dental practice and show your patients that your dental practice is a great fit for them.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest allows you to create boards of visual bookmarks known as pins. Over the years, Pinterest has gathered loyal followers with millions of users using the website every day. You can introduce yourself to new patients, increase traffic to your website and boost your online presence with this platform. What’s more, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to share engaging visual contents from your practice with your current and potential patients.

7. YouTube

With currently more than one billion users, YouTube offers a huge audience base for your digital marketing campaign. Unlike other social networking sites, YouTube uses videos to engage users. Some of these videos may be long and some be very short depending on your target audience. You can have your YouTube channel and share educative videos on dental care. You can also create a video advert of your dental practice and upload it on YouTube to increase your search engine rankings.

8. Snapchat

As a fast-growing social media platform, Snapchat is another great tool for your digital marketing. Creating stories from the day activities of your dental practice may go a long way to improving your online presence. Snapchat will no doubt make a great marketing tool for your dental practice if properly used.

In A Nut Shell

Social media is about building relationships. With social media, dentists like you can express themselves, showcase their dental products and services, and market their dental ideas. So, leverage social media now to promote your dental practice!

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