Common Mistakes That Hurt Your Dental Social Media Campaign

by Cesar Larrainza | Digital Marketing Apr 05 2017 0 comments

Marketing your dental products or your dental practice on social media is no longer a new strategy. Many people are experiencing record-breaking rewards in their finances as a result of leveraging it. As an owner of a dental practice, you might also want to achieve this amazing feat. But your major challenge may be this: You don’t know how to go about the process.

No worries.  There are a few options you could explore. You could hire professionals to handle your dental social media campaign for you. Or better still, you could manage your dental social media campaign yourself. If you prefer marketing your dental practice all by yourself, you’ll have to avoid some common mistakes that could hurt your advertising. Some of these social media mistakes are listed below:

Not including appropriate contact information

Having beautiful pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms is not enough.  You also need to provide your contact information like the email and phone number of your dental practice. Keep in mind that some potential clients don’t like interacting via emails or texts. They prefer making phone calls. So, make sure you add your phone number to your social media account. And if you are the type that likes your privacy a lot, you can decide to get a special number for this to separate your private life from your dental practice life.

Not updating your site regularly

Consistency matters a lot if you want your dental social media to be successful. A crucial mistake many dentists make is that they forget to update or follow up their web posts. It is not enough to just post an article and disappear for days. Check your website frequently to see if there are comments from your prospective customers. Make sure you respond to those comments properly as soon as possible. Doing so shows your patients that you are a professional in the dental field. What’s more, have a set time devoted solely to updating your web page. You can change your profile image and cover photo every few months, too. All in all, you need to be consistent in anything you doing to boost your dental social media campaign.

Ignoring competitors

Don’t think your web page is the only dental social media page on the Internet. There are thousands of dentists out there also trying to win potential customers. The biggest mistake you could make is to turn a blind eye to their tactics or to act like they don’t exist at all. To say it another way, know what your competitors are doing and what they are up to. Stay updated about what they are doing right to win clients. If they’re offering discounts on teeth whitening or filling, you can do that too. Don’t delegate this task to your staff or outsource it to freelancers. We think having firsthand information about your competitors will enable you to make informed choices concerning your dental practice.

Overlooking free marketing options                                  

Reaching your potential patients does not always have to be through a paid strategy like SEO or online advertising.

Overlooking free marketing options                                  

Reaching your potential patients does not always have to be through a paid strategy like SEO or online advertising.


There are tons of other ways to make your dental practice more famous without shelling out extra cash. You could add the name of your dental practice to directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google My Business and much more. Doing this is very advantageous to your business because when potential customers search for dental care, your dental practice could be rank higher on online search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Being inconsistent with your brand

One of the selling points of your social media and digital marketing campaign is your brand identity. A study by shows that having a fluctuating identity can leave your clients confused. Thus, it is recommended that your dental practice has an image that can be recognized across all the different social media platforms. Work with the different backgrounds and come up with something that is consistent to your patients.

Doing everything yourself

Operating a personal account on social media is easy. But when it comes to your dental practice, it becomes a different ball game altogether. So, resist the temptation of doing your dental social media campaign all by yourself. Instead, get someone who is conversant with SEO and Google Analytics to handle your web pages or web posts for you. There are many of such professionals at Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr and other freelancing sites. Just go to any of these sites and hire a highly dedicated freelancer with good reviews.

In a Nut Shell

As a dental practitioner, you don’t have to give up on your dental social media campaign. Yes, it is not easy. But by implementing the above tips, you are on the right path of getting it right with your dental social media campaign.

Frontline Medical Solutions can help you in developing a solid Digital Marketing Plan that will eliminate these common mistakes. Request a free strategy session today!

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