The Power to Change • The Power to Grow • The Power to Lead

At Frontline Medical Solutions Consulting we ensure that you will “Influence with People.

Did you know that the single most important investment an organization can make is in its intellectual capital? That’s right! Your staff… Your PEOPLE determine the success and advancement of your organization.

Do you think that the units full of GREAT PEOPLE are just lucky?

It has long been known that true leaders determine the internal culture of a unit.  Great leaders are made not born, they are made. Organizations who invest in leadership training are more sustainable and generate more revenues and earnings. We offer leadership workshops and individual coaching for managers.

Do you think that the units full of GREAT PEOPLE are just lucky?

We make sure that your team:

  • Excels in your competitive field
  • Benefits from effective leadership practices
  • Thrives with new communication skills
  • Collaborates effectively
  • Together we will reinstate your professional culture across the staff of all levels

Embraces the Characteristics of Effective Teamwork by being:

Group and Individual Training

We provide custom workshops and seminars as well as one on one coaching.

We train leaders who:

  • Engage their employees to maximize productivity and achieve organizational goals.
  • Leaders who can raise the clinical bar, improve patient and physician satisfaction scores and increase revenues and earnings.

We specialize in bringing the best out of your leaders.

What we teach:

  • Relationship building with strategic partners
  • Win-win conflict resolution that ensures everyone’s success
  • Team building that maximizes productivity
  • Change management strategies
  • How to promote employee buy-in and achieve organizational goals
  • How to engage staff to achieve departmental goals
  • Creating favorable impressions of clinical care and raising patient satisfaction scores (HCAHPS)
  • The relationship between leadership and influence
  • Strategies that increase patient volumes and enhance revenues and earnings

We raise the bar for your team through:

  • One-on-One Intensive Weekend Training
  • Mastermind classes for small groups
  • Lunch and Learns / Keynote speeches with your Team’s success in mind
  • Custom Corporate Training designed to give you the leading edge
  • Intensive full and ½ day seminars that promote unity and cooperation
  • Individual or Team coaching where we address specific issues and provide easy to implement solutions
  • C – Level workshops
  • Executive Retreats with hands on Leadership Training