Digital Marketing for Medical and Dental companies is a must in this day and age. In the era of internet searches and online reviews even Medical Professionals have begun to embrace the change and show the benefits of their services online.

The U.S. healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation. On one hand the fee-for-service payment system has changed the way we do business, on the other hand the digital era creates a marketplace that is not available to us unless we embrace the challenges and benefits of digital marketing.

Are you ready for the new and competitive Health Care Market?

We will increase your bottom line by improving patient relations and attracting new patients through:

  • Effective Lead Generation – bringing more people to your website and to your door
  • Continual Patient Flow – replacing the lull and the rush with robust patient flow
  • Nurturing repeat patients and keeping you continually offering a variety of procedures
  • Informing old patients of new options and solutions
  • Ensuring your online presence is effective, attractive and competitive
  • Increasing revenue by building trust and reputation

We are here to help you communicate with your clients and patients and create a spotless online reputation. Utilizing the benefits of digital marketing your reputation will proceed you. When healthcare consumers are in need of your services they will be sure to think of you first.

We provide the following services:

  • Website creation – this is your online business card, builds credibility and trust with your clients
  • Google Ad Words and SEO – to make sure you will come up in the first few links of an online search NOT on page 4568
  • Email marketing and follow-up sequences – keeping in touch with your clients will make sure they think of you first when they need your services
  • Social Media Marketing and Ads – meeting new clients and introducing your services and special offers, keeping in touch with existing clients
  • Marketing consultations – we will examine your existing marketing practice and advise practical solutions that fit your needs and your budget

The new healthcare delivery model is based on transparency, quality of service and patient satisfaction. Sharing your successes with your current and potential patients and clients will build trust and create long term relationships that lead to ongoing referrals.